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What if You Had a Team of People Trying to Solve Your Problems? 

Imagine a think tank of business leaders eager to help provide insight and solutions to your greatest challenges. That's exactly what our online Community is and more!

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Accelerate Your Growth With Our Business Learning Platform

The Great Game of Business Community is more than a just learning platform, it's your go-to hub for connecting with like-minded business leaders, Coaches, and Great Game™ practitioners who are passionate about open-book management and other innovative business practices.

Our shared learning environment provides access to abundant resources, including live events on timely business topics, forums, fillable tools and courses. As a member, you'll gain exclusive access to expert insights and real-world success stories—all designed to help you drive growth and profitability, and create lasting cultural change. Join us today and start unlocking the full potential of your business!        


As a businessperson, do you find yourself...

→ Wishing you or your team had a better understanding of the business

→ Looking to network and solve business challenges with the help of a community of business leaders

→ In search of growth and education opportunities for your organization

→ Wanting employees to play a more active role in the company

→ Searching for a better way to run your business

The Great Game of Business Community offers all of that and more!

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The Great Game of Business Community Will Help You:

Provide Financial Literacy Training To Employees

Give your people the education they need to IMPACT the business, by first helping them UNDERSTAND the business. 


Gain Access To Courses and Resources To Grow Your Business

Get all the tools, handouts, and courses you need to successfully implement the practices of The Great Game of Business and other innovative business practices.


Make Peer-To-Peer Connections

Learn from others in The Great Game of Business Community. Build relationships with business professionals who can inspire, support, and assist you with specific problems you come across in your journey. 


Connect With Great Game™ Certified Coaches

Got tough business questions? Our coaches have the answers! Reach out to a business coach to get the answers and feedback you need. 


Courses in the Community

An introduction to the Great Game of Business Journey

New to the concepts of the Great Game of Business or need a refresher on the concepts?

This introductory course will share a variety of resources to get someone up-to-speed about what a GGOB Culture is all about.

This is an excellent tool for onboarding new folks to GGOB!

Copy of Copy of Get in the Game Course (650 × 500 px)

This training, led by VP of The Great Game of Business, Steve Baker, provides pre-recorded impactful training sessions that include a detailed look at Great Game’s “10-Step Approach to GGOB Implementation" at your own pace! Participate in the course for an in-depth view of open-book management and how they can effectively play The Game in their organizations.

Copy of Financial Literacy  Course (650 × 500 px)

This Bonus On-Demand Training Course equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to design a bonus plan that not only rewards employees but also drives the overall success of the company. How do you balance a strong incentive for your team, while making investments back into the company?

Kelley will walk you through an example case study, where you'll learn the GGOB Bonus and Gainsharing template that encourages peak performance and fosters a culture of excellence within the organization.


MiniGames are proven to drive results, increase business literacy, build teamwork, and create an environment where winners are recognized and rewarded for generating results.

In this training, participants will learn the guidelines for an effective MiniGame and apply that knowledge directly by building a MiniGame. Get the skills and tools you need to correctly implement this crucial component of The Game.

Financial Literacy  Course (650 × 500 px)

Our Basic Financial Literacy workshops are designed to educate employees on the key financial metrics of a business in a non-threatening way. This training uses plain-language and easy-to-understand examples through a real-life scenario with examples of borrowing capital, repaying loans, forecasting, variance analysis, and monitoring cash flow, understanding financial statements, and more.

Applicable to all industries, but examples are for service-based or manufacturing companies.


New in The Community!



Training Tuesdays

Starting in October, the Community Site will be hosting Training Tuesdays to bring Community members best practices for huddles! Training Tuesdays will also bring users quick training bites they can take back to their organizations to help teach employees the numbers!

Webinars with Jack Stack (500 x 364 px)


Quarterly Webinars with Jack Stack

Don't miss quarterly webinars with Jack Stack! Bring your biggest challenges and business questions to these webinars for a chance to have Jack Stack answer them.




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