People Support What They Help Create™

Active Involvement in Business Decisions Produces Engagement

Here's How it Works

One of the great things about The Great Game of Business® is that it makes the most of our human nature. It's natural to get behind decisions you help make. When we actively and regularly involve our people in the decision-making process that has traditionally been reserved for (upper) management, we ignite something within each individual—the part that needs to matter, the part that needs to win. It excites the creative-thinking process in the minds of our staff when we invite them to problem solve, then give them a stake in the outcome of those solutions. If we want people to grow, we have to let them take risks, and we have to let them fail. When we consistently reward them for their good decisions by letting them share in the profits they helped create, we also ensure that they will want to see the process continue.

Jack Stack on Increasing Employee Performance

“When you appeal to the highest level of thinking, you get the highest level of performance.”

Jack Stack
Founder and CEO of SRC Holdings

The Sum of the Parts

The Great Game of Business also takes advantage of our natural desire to "fit in" and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Too often in business, we create an environment in which individuals or departments fail to see how what they do—the part they play—affects the whole, positively or negatively.  “When people focus on their narrow specialties, the different departments go to war. They don’t function as the parts of one company. They act more like competing factions,” writes Jack Stack in in his best-seller, The Great Game of Business. When we teach our people how to understand the company's financials and show them how to work as a team to improve those financials, we create an environment in which the outcome is much greater than simply the sum of its parts.


Profitability and Sustainability

The Great Game of Business is the only methodology and set of integrated tools proven to systematically engage your people to drive profitability and sustainability. It accomplishes this first through a focus on education—education in how a business really works. A sure way to kill a company is through ignorance. Keeping employees in the dark about the company’s financial health only stirs the rumor mill and creates dissension. Great Game™ is an accelerated learning process that can be used to bring about a cultural and behavioral change to take down the walls that "command-and-control" inherently creates. Because people have a tendency to support what they help create, we also encourage the notion that the longer they stay with the company, and the more time they invest in improving the outcome, the greater the chances are that they will reap the rewards as the venture succeeds.