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Don't do business planning alone!

Struggling to effectively plan and strategize for the future of your business? This private event is for you!

Our team of experts have years of experience in helping organizations of all sizes develop short and long-term business plans that drive growth and success.

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How Our Planning Process Is Different

We understand that as a CEO, your time is valuable and limited. That's why our planning process is different. We don't come in and help the executives craft a beautiful plan, just to turn around and hand it to the people who make it happen (your employees) who don't believe a single piece of that plan because they were never included in the creation of it. That's a waste of time for all parties involved. Instead, we include all employees in the process of planning. 


Here's How it Works:

  • We look at the economy, your industry, and your competition.
  • We bring the marketplace to your people so they can help make the tough decisions.
  • We evaluate where the company's main focus should be.
  • We'll create backup contingencies so when life throws you a curveball your team is ready.
  • The entire organization votes on and signs off on the company's finalized plan.
  • We make sure everyone in the company knows how they fit into the plan and are ready to execute.

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But just as important as the plan itself is the way you produce it. You need more than a plan that is firmly rooted in reality. You also need one that people not only accept but agree to— without reservation. All the players must be ready to make the plan work. They have to want it to work. They must be willing to do whatever it takes to win. They must know they can count on everybody else to do the same, and that everybody else is counting on them. You can only get that sort of consensus by opening up the planning process and bringing the entire workforce in.

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Is this event right for you?

If you need help producing a strong business plan, then this event is right for you! Holding a private event allows a certified coach to take a deep dive look into your business and give you and your team the one-on-one attention you need. We work with you to create a customized plan that fits the unique needs and goals of your business.

Why should you book a private event for business planning?

Booking a private event allows us to come to you, eliminating the need to travel. With our guidance, you will be able to set clear objectives, identify potential obstacles and opportunities, and develop strategies for achieving your goals. You'll also learn how to measure progress, make adjustments and stay on track.

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The Benefit of Ownership In the Plan

The ultimate value of High-Involvement Planning is gaining ownership in the plan. If people don't participate in the planning process, they don't buy in. If they don't buy in, they don't commit. If they don't commit, they don't deliver. Involving the team in the early stages of planning shifts the mindset from "that's your plan," to "this is our plan."

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Our 10-Step Framework


What You'll Learn

Participants will learn our proven 10-step strategic planning process that is market-driven, fosters planning participation, buy-in, accountability, and commitment to the plan. You'll set short and long-term goals, build financial plans, contingency plans, and people/succession plans.


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Take Fear and Uncertainty Out of Planning

All Great Game™ leaders have one thing in common. They don't carry the burden alone. So why should you? Take the fear and uncertainty out of planning with the help of a certified business coach AND your team. Don't let the inconvenience of planning hold you back from reaching your business potential. Our business coaching services can help you confidently navigate and grow your organization. Let's work together to create a plan for success.



The Benefit of Including Your People in The Planning Process

When the Game is created with broad participation— specifically, the people who are closest to the action and who understand the realities— it creates a level of commitment and alignment that just can’t be matched. High- involvement planning helps companies transform their planning process from an annual, time consuming ritual to a highly informative, educational journey that involves everybody at every level of the company in understanding the big picture and the importance of looking forward into the marketplace.

What You Get

HIP - 2 days of training

This 2 day workshop is led by the President of The Great Game of Business, Rich Armstrong. Follow along as Rich walks you through multiple templates and team exercises.

HIP - Breakout Sessions

During this workshop, take part in  breakout sessions designed for you and your team to collaborate and interact with our planning templates.

HIP - 10-step strategic planning proceses

Learn our 10-step process for creating a successful business plan and company strategy.

HIP - Workbook

Walkthrough the 10-steps of implementation in a simple-to-follow way.

HIP - Templates and Worksheets

Use our templates to help create short-term and long-term strategies for company growth.

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